Almost too hot to fire the kilns!

The last 3 weeks in North Texas have been scorchers! Daily brownouts occur because everyone is using their ac systems at full blast. I’ve hesitated on doing bisque and final firings because the large kilns draw 50+ amps at max and I don’t know if that will interfere with the home ac system. If the brownouts cause the kiln to fire slowly, then it could take all day and half the night to just do a bisque firing! I think I will wait until the temperatures cool down a bit. In the meantime, greenware is filling the shelves.

Fred Sweet is doing some work in our studio and producing some really great designs. His attention to detail on his pots certainly encourages me to spend that little bit extra on each piece to get the most out of it. With my main job (software support) taking up so much time lately, I haven’t been able to get out into the studio as much so I’m hoping to get these computer projects wrapped up so I can make more pots!

Although we have a website (, we’re thinking of creating a separate FaceBook page just for our pottery work. We have a twitter account @kregelpottery with almost 350 friends, and I have a personal twitter account @mkregel that I use to post mostly art stuff that is not necessarily pottery related, but more about the business of art. So far, I have about 1040 followers on that account! Cool stuff!

We’re looking for shows to participate in this Fall.
We’ll post the events here.

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