Experimenting with Ping.fm to update websites

Trying out Ping.fm to update Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blog from 1 site. Plan to use this to update our Kiwanis service websites too.

Update: Ping.fm is a free service that seems to work quite well. All my updates can be made from 1 location and that will save me a little time in the future.

Now…back to the pottery studio!

2 responses to “Experimenting with Ping.fm to update websites

  1. Interesting, I’ve never heard of ping.fm, although generally I’m not keen on sites where you update multiple things at once. I just really like the control of individually updating each site with unique content. Gives people a reason to stay alert to your status updates.

    • I agree about wanting to control the updates of individual sites. But, sometimes time is hard to find. Using social networks like your blog, facebook, or twitter is a great way to contact customers and keep in touch with friends, but you do have to put time into the effort. Sometimes, a little tool like ping.fm allows you to make a quick note to all your social media and let people know you are still in the loop. My schedule is so busy that I sometimes have a hard time even getting to 1 of my social media accts at the end of a day. Ping and little tools like it do help out in a crunch.

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