Bowls for “Empty Bowls” event

I’m forwarding a note from David Sieja at the ‘Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild’

As you may know there are three levels of bowls at the Empty Bowls event. Regular bowls, are bowls that you get with your entrance admission; Bump Bowls are a little better / larger and are an additional charge PLUS you regular bowl; And then there are the ones that I’m willing to BEG for, the Gallery Bowls.

Gallery Bowls are an extra special bowl and are sold directly for a flat $100.00 charge. These bowls are the biggest and most impressive of the bowl categories and the ones that I’m asking you to donate. Last year we sold 48 of these special bowls and since $4,800 equals almost 20,000 meals it is a spectacular accomplishment.

Gallery Bowls will be featured on a separate table and yes, you can attach your business card. So, PLEASE look at your inventory and see if you have ANY bowls that can be donated, but specifically look for those special bowls that just call out as Gallery Bowls.

Finally, since I am only reaching a small portion of the artists in the Fort Worth area, PLEASE forward this to any friends that may be willing to donate. The Food Bank is seeing record requests for assistance and we have lofty goals for this year’s Empty Bowls.

David Sieja
(Davids contact is:

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