Time to change out a few kilns

I’ve got 2 small to medium sized kilns that I need to move out. One of them is a paragon with “internal” dimensions 18″ deep x 17.5″ wide. This is one that I have had for a while and use quite frequently. I normally fire it to bisque (cone 04) temperatures and it works fine. I have fired the Paragon to higher temperatures. The 2nd kiln is a Cress kiln that has “internal” dimensions of 20″ deep x 17.5″ wide. I bought this one and never fired it. The person I bought it from never fired it either! This kiln is practically brand new and looks it. It is rated for High Fire (cone 6+) applications. There is no “furniture” (shelves or posts) with the kilns. The plan is to get a larger 50 amp kiln that I can regularly fire to cone 6 or 7.


3 responses to “Time to change out a few kilns

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  2. I think eventually I want to have two kilns, a cabinet for glazing and keeping on my smaller kiln for bisque. When I use my kiln for glazing I generally find it a little on the small size : s

  3. That 2nd kiln can really be handy when you are doing production work. One of our kilns is used for bisque firing and the other one is used for glaze firing. We can keep them hot all the time when we are in production mode.
    – marshall

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