About Kregel Pottery

Connie and Marshall started Kregel Pottery several years ago but recently decided that pottery would make a great “2nd career”. We’ve expanded our studio to 450 square feet and added a covered patio area of close to 250 square feet for the kilns. We plan on doing most of our marketing and sales through the internet and by targeting certain markets independently. A sample of some of our new candlestick designs

As of March, 2013, we have displays of our work in several locations in town but we’re looking for new “digs” so we’re slowing production. We’re looking for a new home in Plano or Frisco, etc., and hope to have a home studio “outside” the house. Clay dust getting into the house is tough to deal with on a daily basis. It can make you sick, too, causing breathing issues and allergies. So, to all our pottery friends, we’ll keep in touch and let you know when we set back up! In the meantime, we have stocked hundreds of pieces for our online store.

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