Online sales help your bottom line

I’ve been involved in online sales for many years. First, with Ebay and other auction websites, mainly selling militaria items and antiques. Then, I started a website that specialized in East European (mainly Finnish) history and have a “Gear For Sale” page on the website where I sell books, dvds, and militaria items like hats and belts. Sales have really been good over the years and I maintain my own inventory and do my own shipping.

When Connie and I started our pottery studio, I already had some experience at setting up online sales and putting together a shopping cart. We agreed early on that, before we opened a brick and mortar store, we would achieve a minimum income each month from online sales and from shows and this income would pay the rent and overhead costs for our brick and mortar shop. In this manner, we would lessen our start-up costs and have an established clientele that were ready to do business with us.

Today, while reading the news, I ran across a very good article on Ways to Make Cash Online and I’d like to share it with my friends. Here is the link:
The concepts in the article are excellent and include information for artists.
There is no reason that an artist can’t establish an online sales program that would continue to bring funds even after retiring from the business. As easy as it is to make money online, I don’t think I will ever really “retire”. As long as I check my orders each morning and ship a couple of times / week, I think I could do this for a long, long time.

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