About Marshall and Connie

I spent 25 years working in computer software support and, while it was challenging, it was not a passion. It paid the bills and gave me a chance to travel but I’ve always been an artist at heart. I learned a little about pottery in the mid 70’s and have kept my hands in clay ever since. Now I get a chance to really establish a studio and play.
I’ve also got a cool “job” on the side…I interview artists and am putting the videos on a new website. I’ve always enjoyed hearing what artists had to say about their art, and how they have managed to survive doing it. I’ve got some really cool stories. Doing these interviews have renewed my own passion for clay and I’m excited about the changes.

My wife, Connie, has also developed a passion for working with clay and is doing some beautiful work of her own. Together, we created our own studio with 3 kilns, 2 wheels, and a large rolling table for slab work. We have lots of pictures of present and past work on our website: http://www.KregelPottery.com

Marshall Kregel

PS, As of March 2013, we’re looking to move our house and studio to a new location. We will keep in touch with our pottery buddies and let y’all know when we have a new home.

4 responses to “About Marshall and Connie

  1. Hi Marshall,

    Thanks for following me on Twitter. Just now finding your blog!

    Be well,

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in Denton for the First Friday Denton event. I have notified folks at the Denton Record Chronicle that you will be in Leslie’s studio today. Shannon

    • Hi Shannon,
      Am looking forward to seeing all the artwork and getting to participate. Thank you for setting up the interview with Denton Record Chronicle. Take care, Marshall

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